• flowtech 75

    Evolving tripod technology

Revolutionise the way you work with the world’s fastest tripod legs

Presenting flowtech™75, a versatile, lightweight tripod that is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod. Performance tested in extreme conditions, flowtech™75 is a revolution in tripod technology, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow. flowtech™75 is a revolutionary new set of two-stage carbon fibre tripod legs with quick release brakes, a mid-level spreader,* rubber feet and a payload capacity of 20 kg (44 lb). Try it and join the revolution.

Key Features

Our award-winning engineers applied the science of equipment design to bring
you flowtech™75, a revolution in tripod technology.

Unique quick
release brakes

deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant.

Located at the top of the tripod, the quick release brakes enable the legs to be deployed simultaneously and can quickly adjust to the height that you need and the ground’s surface - eliminating the need to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg.

New ergonomic carbon-fibre leg design

Lightweight and easy to transport

Lightweight and easy to transport, flowtech™ 75 is specifically designed to comfortably rest on the camera operator’s shoulder while magnetic locks ensure that the tripod legs remain secured during transport. Exceptional torsional stiffness ensures that the tripod doesn’t twist during panning movements.

Lightwight & Easy to carry

Versatile hinge lock mechanism

Capture extremely low and high shots with a single tripod.

flowtech’s unique hinge lock allows users to capture extremely low, ground-level shots along with higher shots. This effectively eliminates the need to take a set of baby legs to the shoot.

Extensive endurance and environmental testing

Superior performance and reliability.

Tested in the most punishing environments, flowtech excels in sludge, sand and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, with 30,000 deployment cycles and 1.5 million clamp operations on an endurance rig flowtech surpasses Sachtler and Vinten’s stringent performance targets.

Deploy and adjust
your tripod in
an instant

flowtech features unique quick release brakes located at the top of the tripod that allow camera operators to easily deploy and adjust the tripod in an instant. All the legs of the tripod can be deployed simultaneously and adjust to the ground’s surface - without the need to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each individual leg.

Versatile Hinge Lock

Capture extremely low and high shots.

flowtech comes with a hinge lock mechanism that gives camera operators ultimate versatility. With the ability to be used with or without a spreader. The hinge lock allows the flowtech 75 to be deployed as low as 26 cm (0.85 ft.) and as high as 153 cm (5.02 ft.) when used without a spreader. This effectively eliminates the need to bring a second set of baby legs to each shoot.

1. Hinge Lock Position - 20°

Normal Mode

With the first hinge lock position you can go as high as 153cm (5.02 feet)

2. Hinge Lock Position - 46°

Medium-Low Mode

3. Hinge Lock Position - 72°

Low Mode

With the third hinge lock position you can go as low as 26cm (0.85 feet)

New ergonomic carbon-fibre
leg design

The distinct, ergonomically designed, carbon fibre profile makes flowtech 75 lightweight and easy to transport. It’s specifically designed to allow the tripod to comfortably rest on the camera operator’s shoulder while magnetic locks offer an easy, quick method for locking the legs together while carrying.

New foot mechanism
and 3/8“ threads

flowtech’s new quick attach and release foot mechanism enables users to easily adapt to the grounds surface. You no longer have to struggle to snap the feet on and off. flowtech´s tripod bowl has 3 x 3/8“ threads which can be used for attaching a magic arm or the flowtech attachment mount to hang a bag, battery pack or an optional carrying strap.


New optional accessories designed to make the award winning flowtech 75 tripod even easier and quicker to use.
The flowtech 75 dolly features an integral carry handle and foot-operated brakes for smooth and easy operation, while its foldable design allows it to collapse to a compact and easy-to-transport unit. Weighing in at just 4.7 kilograms, the dolly can support a payload of 40 kg and a build radius of 53 centimetres.

The flowtech 75 carry handle allows customers to carry their flowtech system securely in one hand and attaches easily to one of the three flowtech accessory docks, making the tripod even more versatile and portable than ever.

What our users say

flowtech has been used and tested in every environment. Read our user stories here.

Luke Thomas
Freelance news and documentary cameraman

As a freelance news and documentary cameraman, Australian-native Luke Thomas finds himself at a new location every week trying to move as fast as possible to meet deadlines and live commitments.

“With so many moving parts on any given shoot it’s important to travel light and fast, so my gear has to be the last thing that should be slowing me down,” explained Thomas. Having recently shot a travel show with motoring enthusiasts all around California, Thomas constantly had to leave ahead of the pack, find a shot, and set up so he was ready to roll as quickly as possible. “Often, I would only have a matter of minutes to grab my camera and stick the frame up before the convoy of cars rolled into frame. On jobs like that, a fast tripod is everything because as soon as you start wrestling with your tripod the shot has happened and you missed the moment.” To help him with those important, fleeting shots, Thomas was given the opportunity to test out Sachtler and Vinten’s groundbreaking tripod that’s engineered with a completely new tripod technology. After familiarizing himself with the new design that puts the release brakes at the top of the tripod instead of the bottom, Thomas could deploy all three legs at once, adjust the height, and set up his shot within 6 seconds.

Ben Marlow
Award-winning destination wedding videographer

Traveling from place to place, award-winning destination wedding videographer Ben Marlow built his first-rate reputation on delivering one-of-a-kind, cinematic short films for couples around the world.

For his latest project, Marlow flew to Bordeaux, France to shoot a wedding and since weddings are extremely fast-paced he needed substantial support with the right form factor to get the shots he needed. “For this shoot, in particular, I was flanking the sides of the audience with a FS5 and was repeatedly on the move. The problems were mainly logistical, so I needed the best support I could have in the lightest form,” explained Marlow. “On the job, this new tripod was absolutely perfect! I normally shoot handheld for portraits, but the speed and ease of use helped me get the shots in a fraction of the time of a normal tripod. You don’t get a second chance with weddings and every aspect of the evening happens so quickly. We had to nail every shot as best as possible and with the new leg system, it was so much quicker to get around. The usability of the design really came into its own. It’s like nothing I’ve ever worked with before.”

David Spurdens
UK based Filmmaker

For 25 years, filmmaker David Spurdens has lived and worked in the mountainous French Alps, making him no stranger to its unforgiving terrain and climate.

“On all the mountains I know where the sun works and where the snow is best depending on snowfall, and wind direction. Despite this it can be difficult to shoot and I need my equipment to keep up with me and the surroundings.” Shooting a film in the Tignes Val d'Isère area, Spurdens would have only himself to carry and setup the equipment so we sent him our new, user-friendly, innovative Sachtler and Vinten tripod to see how well it would meet his needs. “It’s fantastic for operators like me who don’t have assistants. It simplifies how I shoot by cutting the amount of time I need to set up, which can be crucial when weather is closing in and I’m freezing on a glacier. Overall, it’s the light weight and speed of use that impressed me.”

Filipe DeAndrade
Wildlife Videographer, Director

Filming wildlife for National Geographic in one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet was a tall task for director Filipe DeAndrade and his team, but they were excited to face the challenge.

Premiering a new digital wildlife documentary in November, they traveled through Costa Rica for six months capturing footage of breathtaking landscapes, exotic species, and pristine coastlines. “This new tripod is adaptive, lightweight, and durable – it’s a complete game changer. With just this one tripod I was able to film eye level with smaller animals and then get high to film birds in canopies. This level of versatility in a tripod’s design is going to disrupt the industry."

Jody Eldred
Emmy-winning and DGA award-nominated filmmaker

"Excited is a strong word. When was the last time you were genuinely excited about a piece of equipment? Have you ever been excited about a new tripod? I haven't. Not until now."

Over 40 years in TV and film I've owned or used dozens of different tripods from all the major manufacturers. I've been a Sachtler guy for the last several decades, shooting network news and docs all over the world ranging from the Iraq War to fires, floods, riots, presidents, and yes, weddings! Sachtler's technology and ease of use have been head and shoulders above the rest. But having gotten to test drive this new tripod, I can honestly say there has never been anything like it. The bar has been raised. Revolutionary comes to mind. Faster that anything before, lightweight and super strong, versatile, comfortable to carry... It's going to be a new day in tripods. I'm excited!

System Overview

Flowtech 75 is compatible with all major 75mm fluid heads and is ideally suited for the Sachtler and Vinten product families

System Ace XL FT MS | 1017MS

Payload: 2 - 8 kg / 4.4 - 17.6 lb

Product Page

System FSB 4 FT MS | 0395

Payload: 0 - 4 kg / 0 - 8.8 lb

Product Page

System FSB 6 FT MS | 0495

Payload: 1.5 - 8 kg / 3.3 - 17.6 lb

Product Page

System FSB 6 T FT MS | 0465

Payload: 1.5 - 8 kg / 3.3 - 17.6 lb

Product Page

System FSB 8 FT MS | 0795

Payload: 1 - 10 kg / 2.2 - 22 lb

Product Page

System FSB 8 T FT MS | 0765

Payload: 1 - 10 kg / 2 - 22 lb

Product Page

Flowtech Tripod MS 75 | 4585

Payload: 20 kg /44 lb

Product Page

Dolly flowtech 75 | S2055-0001

Payload: 1 - 10 kg / 2 - 22 lb

Product Page

Flowtech Tripod MS 75 | V4150-0003

Payload: 20 kg /44 lb

Product Page

System Vision blue FT | VB-FT

Payload: 2.1 - 5 kg / 4.6 - 11 lb

Product Page

System Vision blue3 FT MS | VB3-FTMS

Payload: 3 - 6.6 kg / 6.6 - 14.6 lb

Product Page

System Vision blue5 FT MS | VB5-FTMS

Payload: 2 - 8 kg / 4.4 - 17.6 lb

Product Page

Dolly flowtech 75 | V4154-0001

Payload: 40 kg / 88 lb

Product Page

Frequently Asked Questions

This revolutionary new technology leverages the best from both brands: the speed of deployment of Sachtler with the torsional rigidity of Vinten. As a result, this technology is available in the the 75 mm lightweight product lines from both Sachtler and Vinten.

Yes, the flowtech 75 is compatible with all 75mm fluid heads and is ideally suited for the Sachtler and Vinten product families.

Yes, flowtech is designed to be operated with or without a spreader. The user can remove the spreader and activate the hinge lock mechanism to capture extremely low ground-level shots. Alternatively, users can easily reattach the spreader for added stability with high shots.

We understand the opportunity for a 100mm version, but have yet to start development.